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Bug Matching Cards

Bug Matching Cards

Looking for an exciting and educational activity to get your kids thinking, engaged, and buzzing with curiosity? These Bug Matching cards are the perfect solution!


With vibrant and captivating bug illustrations, these cards are designed to not only provide brain exercises but also deliver a fun and interactive learning experience.


Your kids will have a blast while expanding their knowledge of insects and sharpening their cognitive skills.


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Bug Matching Cards:

This free pdf file comes with 10 cards, each with a different bug pair!



Praying mantises










These matching cards are a great way to get your kids thinking and remembering in a creative way!


Ways To Play

Matching Game

Shuffle the cards and lay them face down. Take turns having one child flip over two cards, aiming for a matching pair.


If the two bug cards match, then they collect the matched cards and proceed to flip over two more cards. If the cards don’t match, then you have to flip the cards back over and it is the next kids turn.


Try to remember where each bug is at to make the most matches!


Follow The Leader

Hang up one set of bugs up on the wall. Blind fold one child and have another child give directions. The director will draw a card and give it to their blindfolded team mate. The director will then give directions to the blindfolded child where they should go to match up their bug!


Two Make A Pair

This is also a fun activity for your young kids! See if your child can pair up two matching bugs! This is a great stimulating activity that helps with brain development and recognition skills!


The fun is endless!


Learn With Me

The cards don’t just have to be for matching! These make a great learning tool. You can discuss and explore the different insects and learn more about each one.

Sort the bugs by which ones can fly, which ones make sounds, or by which ones build something (i.e. a hive, cocoon, or web).


Talk about where each insect lives and what they can do.


To craft your matching cards:

  1. Download the pdf file
  2. Print out the cards (The bugs may be a bit fuzzy if the cards are printed too big!) You can print out the cards on card stock or laminate the cards to better protect them from wear and tear.
  3. Cut out your cards, make sure you cut in between the matching bugs. I like to round the corners to avoid sharp edges!


Download your free Bug Matching Cards:


Bug Matching Cards
Bug Matching Cards PDF


Bug matching cards are a fun way to introduce kids to the amazing world of insects!


With a mix of education and entertainment, these cards provide a captivating experience that sparks curiosity and helps kids learn about different bug species.


From buzzing bees to crawling beetles, children can dive into the magical world of bugs through this interactive and informative activity.


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Bug Matching Cards

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