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Bug Movement Cards

Bug Movement Cards

Are you searching for an exciting, interactive activity to get your kids off the couch and actively engaged?


Look no further! These Bug Movement cards are not only a fantastic way to incorporate gross motor exercises into their routine, but they also offer a delightful learning experience with fun bug-themed movements.


Watch as your little ones crawl like ants, flutter their wings like butterflies, and hop like grasshoppers while enjoying this enriching activity. Let the bug adventures begin!


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Bug Movement Cards:

This free pdf file comes with 10 cards, each with a different bug movement!

Crawl like a ladybug

Stand tall like a praying mantis

Jump like a grasshopper

Spin like a bumblebee

Flutter like a dragonfly

Flap like a butterfly

Tiptoe like a spider

March like an ant

Wriggle like a caterpillar

Buzz like a fly


Ways To Play

These movement cards are a great way to get your kids up and moving in a creative way!


You can have your kids choose a card at random and do the movement that it says.


See who can do the best impression of a specific bug.


Do a relay race with the different movements.


Someone can do a movement and everyone can try to guess which bug they are acting like.


Try a game of “physical telephone”. Child A selects a card and then acts out the movement to child B. Child B then acts out the movement to child C. Child C in turn acts out the movement to child D and so on until everyone has had a chance to go. Watch as the bug movements get a little mixed up and get sillier and sillier!


The fun is endless!


The cards don’t just have to be for exercise!


You can discuss and explore the different insects and learn more about each one.


Sort the bugs by which ones can fly, which ones make sounds, or by which ones build something (i.e. a hive, cocoon, or web).


Talk about where each insect lives and what they can do.


To craft your movement cards:

  1. Download the pdf file
  2. Print out the cards (The bugs may be a bit fuzzy if the cards are printed too big!) You can print out the cards on card stock or laminate the cards to better protect them from wear and tear.
  3. Cut out your cards. I like to round the corners to avoid sharp edges!


Download your free Bug Movement Cards:

Move Like A Bug Movement Cards PDF


Bug Movement cards are not only an excellent tool for teaching your children about insects and their behavior but also a fun and interactive way to get them up and moving!


These cards feature captivating visuals that will spark their curiosity and encourage them to explore the fascinating world of bugs.


So, grab your Bug Movement cards and embark on a learning adventure with your little ones!



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Bug Movement Cards

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