Halloween Art

Halloween Art

Are you looking for some fun Halloween art ideas for your kids to do this season?   Well, we have pumpkin crafts, spider crafts, and bat crafts! Halloween paper crafts and paper plate crafts!   These work great for preschool Halloween crafts and kindergarten Halloween crafts!   My preschool class love creating fun and spooky […]

Fall Art Projects

Are your kids looking for some fall art projects to enjoy this season?   Here are some of my favorite fall crafts for kids that my preschoolers love to do!    Fall is the best season! The perfect time to go outside and enjoy the cool air and then come in to create some fall […]

Wintery Crafts

Winter Kid Crafts

Looking to keep your little ones busy this season with some fun and creative winter kid crafts?   Look no further! Our blog post is packed with the best winter kid crafts that are not only easy to make, but also an absolute blast!   From adorable snowman figures and charming ornaments to delicate paper […]

Bug Crafts for Preschoolers

Do you have a preschooler who loves bugs? Then why not take their interest to the next level with some fun bug-themed crafts!   Bug crafts for preschoolers can help foster creativity in your little one while teaching them more about the world of bugs.   From creating colorful butterflies to building spider webs, there […]

Butterfly Symmetry Painting

butterfly painting craft

Are you looking for a quick and easy butterfly painting craft to do with your kids?   Get your kids excited with a fun and educational activity that ignites their imagination and creativity!   Witness your kids creative minds soar as they craft their own unique butterflies.   It’s a simple and fun craft that […]

Fingerprint Bugs

Finger Paint Bug Craft

Do your kids have a thing for all things creepy and crawly? Are you looking to do a finger paint bug craft?   Well, get ready! We’ve got a super fun craft that look fingerprint bug craft that’ll make their creative minds go wild!   It’s quick, easy, and has endless possibilities for customization.   […]

Summer Crafts For Preschoolers


Are you looking to do some summer crafts for your preschooler this season?   Look no further!   Engaging in crafts, such as making vibrant nature-inspired artwork with delicate flower petals and creating imaginative DIY projects using a variety of materials, is a fantastic way to keep your child entertained, ignite their creativity, and foster […]

Caterpillar Name Craft

caterpillar crafts for kids

Here is a fun caterpillar craft for kids! It is quick and easy and fully customizable! Not to mention super cute and fun to have on display!   Your kids will be able to make their own unique name tag that they can proudly display in any room.   With your caterpillar name craft, you […]

Rain Sticks

DIY rain sticks

DIY rain sticks are not only a perfect activity when you’re stuck indoors or looking for a fun sensory experience on a rainy day, but it’s also a great chance to unleash your creativity and have a hands-on crafting adventure.   You can easily make your own rain stick using everyday materials you have at […]