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Caterpillar Name Craft

caterpillar crafts for kids

Here is a fun caterpillar craft for kids! It is quick and easy and fully customizable! Not to mention super cute and fun to have on display!


Your kids will be able to make their own unique name tag that they can proudly display in any room.


With your caterpillar name craft, you can choose the colors of your caterpillar and even add fun features!


And don’t forget — it’s also a great way to encourage literacy and creativity. So why not get started today with your own caterpillar name craft?


Craft Materials

For this activity you will need:

  • Craft Paper
  • Cup
  • Pencil
  • Scissors
  • Glue
  • Marker


How to make your Caterpillar Name

Start by having your child select a few pieces of colored paper.

Caterpillar Crafts For Kids Colored Paper


Use a cup to trace out circles. You will need to trace as many circles to match the amount of letters in your child’s name, plus an additional circle.

 Trace out circles


For Thomas I needed seven circles total: six circles for his name and one more circle for the caterpillars face. I let my son pick which color he wanted for each circle!

Caterpillar Crafts For Kids Cut out circles


Slightly overlap one circle edge with another and have your child help glue it in place. Glue the remaining circles together in the same way to form a line, it doesn’t have to be straight!

 Glue circles together


Draw a caterpillar’s face on one of the end circles. Following the caterpillar’s face, spell out your child’s name on the remaining circles, putting one letter on each circle. You can color and decorate your Name Caterpillar and add some legs and antennae with your leftover scrap paper!

Caterpillar Crafts For Kids Write child's name on circles


This is such a fun craft that your kids will love! I hung my son’s caterpillar on his door. He loves passing his room and seeing his cute caterpillar friend with his name on it! Such an easy and fun craft to do any day!

Caterpillar Crafts For Kids Hang caterpillar up to display



Making your own caterpillar name craft is such a fun and creative way for kids to let their imaginations run wild!


It’s not only entertaining, but also a great opportunity for them to learn about science and nature.


So grab some craft materials, unleash their creativity, and watch their caterpillar-inspired names come to life!


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Caterpillar Crafts For Kids

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