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Fingerprint Bugs

Finger Paint Bug Craft

Do your kids have a thing for all things creepy and crawly? Are you looking to do a finger paint bug craft?


Well, get ready! We’ve got a super fun craft that look fingerprint bug craft that’ll make their creative minds go wild!


It’s quick, easy, and has endless possibilities for customization.


Let your kids show off their imagination by bringing their own unique insect creations to life with vibrant colors and attention to detail.


Not only will these bug-tastic crafts display their artistic talents, but they’ll also add a playful touch to your home.


Get ready for an unforgettable crafting adventure that will leave a lasting impression and a newfound love for the wonderful world of bugs!


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Craft Materials

For this activity you will need:

  • Paper
  • Paint
  • Marker

How to make your Fingerprint Bugs

Draw an outline of a large bug jar.

Finger Paint Bug Craft Hand Drawn Jar


Have your child dip their finger into different washable paint colors or a stamp pad and then dot their finger across the piece of paper.

Finger Paint Bug Craft Finger Paint DotsFinger Paint Bug Craft Finger Paint Dots


After the paint has dried, draw little eyes, legs, wings, antennae, etc on the fingerprints to resemble little bugs!

Finger Paint Bug Craft Finger Paint Drawn Bugs


Now you have a cute jar of bugs that your child made! The kids love seeing their little creepy crawlies hanging up on display.

Finger Paint Bug Craft Finger Paint Bugs

Fingerprint bugs is a fun and creative way for young children to express their creativity while learning about bugs.


Engaging in this activity not only offers a valuable opportunity for children to learn about insects, but it also provides an exciting canvas for them to unleash their creativity.


It’s a wonderful way for young minds to explore the fascinating world of insects while indulging in their artistic endeavors.


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Fingerprint Bugs

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