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Monster Move Cards

monster movement cards

Looking a spooky, engaging activity to get your kids up and moving?


Look no further! These Monster Move cards are specially designed to combine fun, learning, and gross motor exercises.


With a wide range of activities to choose from, your little ones will have a blast as they stomp, crawl, and jump like friendly monsters.


It’s not just a fun experience, but also a fantastic way for them to develop their motor skills and stay active.


So, grab a set of Monster Move cards and let the adventure begin!


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Monster Move Cards:

This free pdf file comes with 10 cards, each with a different Halloween movement!


Dance like a skeleton

Walk like a mummy

Fly like a witch

Spin like a ghost

Flap like an owl

Bounce like a pumpkin

Wiggle like a spider

Crawl like a cat

Stretch like a bat

Tiptoe like a vampire


These movement cards are a great way to get your kids up and moving in a spooky way!


You can have your kids choose a card at random and do the movement that it says.


See who can do the best impression of a specific Halloween character.


Do a relay race with the different movements.


Someone can do a movement and everyone can try to guess which Halloween character they are acting like.


Try a game of “physical telephone”. Child A selects a card and then acts out the movement to child B. Child B then acts out the movement to child C. Child C in turn acts out the movement to child D and so on until everyone has had a chance to go. Watch as the Halloween movements get a little mixed up and get sillier and sillier!


The fun is endless!


The cards don’t just have to be for movement!


You can discuss and explore the different characters and learn more about each one.


Sort the characters by which ones are real and which ones are fictitious.


Talk about where each character lives and what they can do.


To craft your movement cards:

  1. Download the pdf file
  2. Print out the cards (The characters may be a bit fuzzy if the cards are printed too big!) You can print out the cards on card stock or laminate the cards to better protect them from wear and tear.
  3. Cut out your cards. I like to round the corners to avoid sharp edges!


Download your free Monster Move Cards:

monster movement cards display
Monster Movement Cards PDF


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Monster Movement Cards

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