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Newborn Must-Haves

Newborn Must Haves

There are so many baby products out there. SO MANY! As a new mom, I was overwhelmed with all the options and what was necessary and what was not.


I spent hours reading article after article, review after review, just to figure out what I needed, and which product I should get.


Now with an 11-month-old, I think it’s safe to say I have a better idea of what I actually need, and what I actually use. 


Here are some of my favorite newborn products and must-haves!


This post contains affiliate links, which means I may receive a small commission at no cost to you, if you purchase through a link.


1. This life-saving laundry bar stain remover


Newborn Must Haves Laundry Bar



Did your baby have a blowout that will ruin their cute little outfit? This laundry bar stain remover will get that stain right out! You simply rinse the clothing or material you want to clean, rub the soap bar on the stain, and pop it in the washing machine. I have used this on countless blowouts, spit-ups, and even blood, and everything has come out stain free!


2. Get a more restful sleep for you and baby with this sleepsack swaddle 

Newborn Must Haves Sleep Sack

As soon as I started swaddling my son in this sleepsack swaddle, he began sleeping 10+ hours every night! This swaddle has 3 adjustable ways for your baby to wear it, with velcro to make wrapping baby easy.


3. Don’t stress again while cutting your baby’s nails with this baby nail trimmer   


Newborn Must Haves Nail Grinder


Cutting tiny baby nails can be very intimidating. This baby nail file makes it so much easier and worry-free! It softly grinds down the nail rather than cutting it off. You can easily round out those sharp corners that inevitably scratch your little one. And it automatically stops if too much pressure is applied!


4. Washing baby’s hair is easy with this cradle cap system   


Newborn Must Haves Cradle Cap System


Cradle cap is something I didn’t want to mess with. This cradle cap system is great! It has a soft sponge to lather the soap on your child’s head, a scrub brush with soft bristles, and a comb to use to lift any gunk from your child’s hair. I use this during every bath time, and my baby hasn’t had any problems with cradle cap!


5. Have easy access to your baby and peace of mind with this bassinet 


Newborn Must Haves Bassinet

With a lowering bedside wall, height adjustable stand, 360 degree swivel, and breathable mesh, this bassinet is a no-brainer! This model also has a night light, vibration modes, and a sound machine installed.


6. This infamous snot sucker  


Newborn Must Haves Snot Sucker


I’m not going to lie, this product makes me feel a little squeamish when thinking about it, but it works so well! When your little one is stuffy or has a runny nose, you use this snot sucker to suck out all the nasty that is clogging their nose! Don’t worry, there is a filter to guarantee that none of it reaches your mouth! It gets out all the gunk far better than the nasal aspirators!


7. A captivating musical toy perfect for engaging your little one 

Newborn Must Haves Musical Toy

This toy is perfect for keeping your baby engaged. Several different classical music songs play (that are more enjoyable to listen to over most musical toys), and lights to keep your little one entertained! My baby loves this toy and is instantly distracted and entertained anytime we pull it out!


8. An easy and worry free bathtub for your baby


Newborn Must Haves Baby Bathtub

This bathtub has been so great to bathe my baby in. There are three stages you can change the base to, making sure your baby is at the proper angle while in the tub. It even fits in my sink and also my own bathtub!


9. No more squishing diapers into a tight, small hole with this diaper pail 


Newborn Must Haves Diaper Pail

This diaper pail has a foot pedal for easy touch-free opening. The top lid opens up and there is a rubber-sealed trap door that you just drop the diaper through! The bag that holds the diapers is one continuous liner that you just cut and tie when it is time to empty the pail. You can take out the diaper trash anytime, whether there is one smelly diaper or it is full. Either way, you just use the mounted childproof cutter to cut the bag to where you need it, ensuring there is no wasted bag space, and then tie a knot at the bottom!


10. Give your baby the best start with this award winning play gym from Lovevery


Newborn Must Haves Play gym

Designed to grow with your child from newborn to toddler, this play gym provides stage-based activities that engages your little one throughout their first year! There are 5 developmental zones with different activities to encourage growth and exploration. This play mat comes with several different detachable activity toys, and 4 sets of cards to set up to help your baby’s cognition. An included play space cover can turn the play mat into a cozy space for your baby. This even comes with a play guide with tips and activity ideas to help you foster your baby’s development!


11. Make sure your baby is okay while driving using this mirror


Newborn Must Haves Car Mirror

Having a mirror positioned so that you can see your baby while driving is such a relief. This mirror has a light is installed at the base of the mirror so you can see your child at night. A remote is included to change the warmth or color of the light. It is a great way to keep your child in view or entertained!


12. Save time by sterilizing your baby bottles


Newborn Must Haves Bottle Sterilizer

This bottle sterilizer sits perfectly on your countertop without taking up too much space. There is plenty of space inside to sterilize multiple bottles and parts. Just rinse out the bottle, and let the sterilizer do the rest! It is also great to sterilize breast pump parts, pacifiers, teethers, and small toys!


13. This teething crinkle book is great for active entertainment


Newborn Must Haves Crinkle Book

This is cute little book has fun textures, sounds, and bright colors. It makes great for teething babies! It is handy to stick in the diaper bag and bring with you wherever you go!


14. Make sure your baby is extra protected with this car seat that has been ranked highly for its safety


Newborn Must Haves Car Seat

This car seat is HIGHLY ranked and reviewed for infant safety. The car seat also comes with a removable infant insert that you can take out after your little newborn grows. Graco also offers a Click System that works with most of their gear. So anything with the Click System can be interchangeable with other products, such as car seats, bases, and strollers!


15. The most soothing sound machine


Newborn Must Haves Sound Machine

This portable sound machine comes with three different soothing sounds. It has a compact, travel-friendly design so you can easily clip it wherever you need!


16. A diaper changing pad that cleans up easily 


Newborn Must Haves Changing Pad

This changing pad makes diaper changes go smoothly and easy! It has grips on the bottom to ensure that it does not slide, a safety strap and contoured slides for when your baby moves around, and it even has tabs that you can screw into your changing table for added safety! And best yet, it has an easily wipeable surface to clean up those inevitable messes.


17. Entertain your baby for hours with this activity mat 


Newborn Must Haves Activity Mat

The bright colors and fun pictures on this activity mat make it so exciting to engage with. It comes with different textured toys for your baby to play with, and a baby-friendly unbreakable mirror for your baby to watch themselves! The piano plays catchy songs or piano sounds. This play mat can also be adjusted for when your child is sitting up, so you can have the piano horizontal and let your child play!


18. Make sure you are prepared with this life-saving device


Newborn Must Haves Lifevac

If your child chokes, every second counts. This device is a great resource to have to make sure you do everything in your power to ensure the safety of your child. The kit comes with an adult mask and a child mask, and even a practice mask for you to practice and prepare yourself. All you do is place the mask on your child’s face, push down, and then pull up. The suctioning will pull up whatever is obstructing the throat!


19. Easily check your child’s temperature with this thermometer


Newborn Must Haves Thermometer

This thermometer is great to have on hand to use with squirming little babies. You simply hold it up to your child’s forehead and the thermometer accurately reads their temperature in just one second! Then it will vibrate to indicate that it is done, rather than beeping loudly.


20. Using this baby swing makes taking a break guilt-free and easy


Newborn Must Haves Baby Swing

This swing has five unique motion settings with adjustable speeds that are supposed to mimic a parent’s movement so your baby feels nice and calm. There are four different soothing sounds to choose from, or you can sync your phone through bluetooth and stream music. You can download an app and control all of this easily with your phone, or connect it to your smart home assistant! It is the perfect swing to make parents’ lives easier, and a baby’s rest cozier.


21. Looking for different pacifier and teether options that will best suit your baby?  



This pack comes with five different colored pacifiers that each have a different nipple shape. You can see which shape is best suitable for your baby. They also are made from soft silicone so they are easy to clean and also make for great teethers!


22. These burp cloths that are light and breathable


Burp Clothes

These burp cloths are so soft on baby’s skin so you don’t have to worry about rubbing those cute little cheeks raw! They have a side surface area to ensure more coverage!


23. This mess-free diaper cream applicator 


Diaper Cream Applicator

These diaper cream applicators may sound a little silly, but they make applying bum cream so easy, and most importantly, mess-free! No more greasy fingers and diaper cream under your fingernails! With these spatulas, you easily scoop up some cream and apply, and then clean off with a wipe. Simple and mess-free!


24. Keep all your diaper changing necessities organized with this diaper caddy  


Diaper Caddy

This diaper caddy has removable and adjustable inserts to better organize your things, and it is big enough to fit all your needs without being too bulky and taking up too much space! Not to mention how cute it will look on your shelf!


25. Prevent colic and gas in your baby with these bottles 



These bottles come with an anti-colic inserts to help reduce the amount of air swallowed, which can lead to fussiness! They hold up to nine ounces of milk or formula, and are easy for your baby to hold. Fuss free days are on their way!


26. This baby carrier makes your arms and hands available while still carrying your baby 


Baby Carrier

Give your aching arms a well deserved break and put your baby in this carrier! You can carry your baby facing in, forward facing, or carried on your back! There are several safety clips to make sure your baby is nice and snug!


27. Make pumping less of a chose with this wearable breast pump


wearable breast pump

If you breast pump at all, then you will want a wearable breast pump! It is so nice and easy and convenient to be able to move about and get things done while pumping. There are two modes and nine levels to choose from! It has a display that shows how long you have been pumping and automatically shuts off after 30 minutes. And it is perfect for travel!


I’ve sifted through the vast array of baby gear to bring you a list of newborn must-haves that can help make those early days and nights a little more manageable.


From cozy swaddle blankets to soothing baby monitors, these recommended products have one common goal: to make your journey into parenthood a bit smoother.


I hope this list serves as a helpful starting point for your baby registry or shopping list, and that it brings you a sense of confidence and preparedness as you welcome your little one into the world.


Wishing you and your newborn all the love and happiness in the world as you begin this beautiful adventure together!


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Newborn Must-Haves

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