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The 50 Best Outdoor Toys For 1-Year-Olds In 2024

Outdoor Toys for 1-Year-Old

Outdoor Toys for 1-Year-Olds

Are you ready to dive into the exciting world of outdoor toys for your little one?


As your curious and active one-year-old starts to explore the wonders of the world around them, providing engaging and safe outdoor toys for toddlers can be an incredible way to spark their imagination, enhance their motor skills, and, of course, have loads of fun!


Outdoor activities offer an endless range of opportunities to have fun while allowing children to develop a healthy sense of balance in both sensory development and physical development.


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Why Outdoor Play Matters For One-Year-Olds

First things first – let’s talk about the significance of outdoor play for your little adventurers.


Stepping outside not only introduces them to new sensory experiences but also helps in their physical development.


At one year old, they are learning to walk, balance, and refine their motor skills. Outdoor toys can assist in honing these abilities in an environment filled with fresh air and natural stimuli.


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Safety First

Before delving into the world of outdoor toys for toddlers, safety must be a priority.


Selecting Age-Appropriate Toys

As a caring parent or guardian, the selection of toys must align with your child’s developmental stage.


For one-year-olds, toys should be free of small parts that could pose as a choking hazard.


Additionally, the materials used should be non-toxic and durable enough to withstand exploration through enthusiastic, tiny hands and mouths.


Meeting Safety Standards

When purchasing toys, look for safety certifications or labels indicating that the product complies with established safety standards.


These certifications ensure that the toys have undergone rigorous testing for potential hazards and are designed with child safety in mind.


The Crucial Role of Adult Supervision

While selecting safe toys is essential, nothing quite matches the vigilance and guidance of a responsible adult during playtime.


Adult supervision isn’t just about preventing accidents but also about guiding and teaching.


Through interaction and communication, you can show your little one how to use the toys correctly and encourage cooperative play.


Top Picks for Outdoor Toys

So, lets get to it! Here are over 50 Outdoor toys for 1-year-olds.


Active Play

1. Ride On Bouncy Dinosaur


Bouncy Dinosaur

This ride-on toy is a fun exercise for kids! It helps toddlers improve their motor skills, strengthen muscles, learn how to maintain balance, encourage imagination, and promote brain development. The bouncy triceratops will be your child’s reliable childhood companion.

2. Toddler Slide


Toddler Slide


Your little ones will enjoy playing with this classic outdoor toy while enjoying the fresh air! This toddler slide will encourage physical activity and become a favorite outdoor toy! You can also fold it up for easy storage.


3. Kids Trampoline


kids trampoline


This ideal first trampoline for your toddler with its fun tortoise design, will have them loving bouncing on this cute trampoline. Helps your children develop balance, coordination, and confidence. Plus, it’s a fun way to improve your child’s health and fitness. A padded cover, easy-grip handle, and non-slip rubber feet ensure safe, stable, and comfortable bouncing fun so you have zero safety concerns.


4. Seesaw




This seesaw is great for learning balance and body control. It comfortably seats two toddlers so your kids can play together! Encourage green time instead of screen time with products that let kids get physical. It also helps to build little muscles, coordination, and balance.


5. Stepping Stones


stepping stones


These stepping stones are a game of balance, coordination, and concentration for your kids. Everyone will love traversing each turtle shell as they show off their balancing skills. A perfect toy for both indoor and outdoor play. Get your kids moving and developing their gross motor skills as they move around an obstacle course and jump from stepping stone to stepping stone.


6. Toddler Swing


toddler swing


Get ready for endless hours of fun! This baby swing set for the backyard will attract and encourage your little kids to spend more hours outside and enjoy a happy childhood. This baby swing set comes with a removable seat. The length of the rope is adjustable, and your baby can play indoors or outdoors.


7. Bouncing Ball


bouncing ball


This hopper is the ideal toy for physical activity and will provide hours of fun and exercise for your kids. It helps build coordination skills. This durable vinyl bouncer also features a safe and a recessed re-inflatable valve.


8. Rocking Horse


rocking horse

This rocking toy is one happy horse that loves to rock, of course! The sturdy construction and unique design will keep your kids in the saddle for hours! One of Little Tikes’ classic ride-on toys. Perfect for outdoor play areas. The seat is designed to keep kids from falling forward or back.


Sensory Play 

9. Water Table


Water Table


This kids’ water table will create a mini water park right in your backyard. Use the large bucket to scoop up water from the pond and pour it into the top waterfall tray. Watch as the rainfall effect is activated as the water splashes into the pond. As the waterfall drains back into the water table pond, maze-like spinners, ramps, and buckets are activated. Rearrange the put-and-place maze pieces to create new waterfalls for fun cause and a realistic rainfall effect for STEM play.


10. Splash Pad


Splash Pad


Get relief from the heat with this inflatable pool. Cherish the moments as your toddler enjoys themselves under the refreshing fountain sprinklers shooting from the splash pad! This summer toy creates oceans of adventure for kids! Time for a splish-splashin’ bash in this educational water splash pad! The innovative shallow wading pool has a learning mat for a base, so your little squirt soaks up some knowledge during outdoor playtime!


11. Activity Table


activity table


This activity table is composed of four separate parts, which can hold water, sand, snow, dirt or anything you can think of for multiple sensory exploration. Enjoy water fun and create sand castles! This water play table will encourage your child to do more tactile activities: water the windmill to create splashes, build a castle with an excavator, pour water into the water tower to form a waterfall, and use molds to suppress vivid animals, etc. Enhance your children’s hand-eye coordination, sensory skills, and imagination.


12. Bubble Leaf Blower


bubble leaf blower


This leaf-blower toy produces a huge stream of bubbles! With a realistic design and a cool touch of color, this toy leaf bubble blower is the stuff of smiles. Bubble toys don’t just add a touch of magic to sunny days, they also help kids effortlessly pick up crucial skills as they play. They’ll get to chase and pop bubbles and grow their visual tracking skills as they watch bubbles float away.


13. Water Table Waterfall


outdoor-toys-for-1-year-old water table waterfall


Pour water into the tree filler to watch the water wheels turn. Pour water into the water tower to form a waterfall. This water sand table is a feature design for sand and water play or anything you can think of for multiple sensory explorations. Taking water play to a new level of water fun and encouraging sensory exploration skills! It has vibrant colors and abundant accessories, providing multiple sensory explorations.


14. Water Sprinkler Toy


outdoor-toys-for-1-year-old water sprinkler toy


Summer has never been this much fun for the whole family. Attach the Spinning Turtle Kid Sprinkler to your hose, turn on the water, and have splashing fun while watering the lawn at the same time. This outdoor water spray has an extra wide spraying range. Your kids will be mesmerized by the playful effect of the water as it spins and turns.


15. Sand Toys


sand toys


This beach sand pail set is perfect if you are heading to the beach, but can also be great outdoor toys, for a sandbox or backyard water toys for kids. This sand beach toy comes in a durable and waterproof mesh bag to store all the pieces and easily carry your beach pail and toys anywhere you go. This beach sand toys set includes everything you need for hours of fun of the outdoor/indoor beach sand play.


16. Fish ‘n Splash Table


fishing water table


This fun and durable water table comes with a fishing game and counting play! Catch, collect, and count your fish before releasing them with a splash. Fill the fishbowl until it tips over and splashes down in a wave. Use the launcher to fling the critters onto the spinning lily pad in the center of the table. Water tables are such a fun resource for toddlers outside!


17. Bubble Gun


outdoor-toys-for-1-year-old Bubble Gun


This bubble gun maker has a powerful motor to produce a storm of bubbles, producing 5000+ bubbles per minute. It creates a mesmerizing cascade of bubbles that keeps your kids entertained for hours. The 360 leak-proof design prevents bubble solution from leaking into your hands. The bubble gun has several shining LED lights that glow in the dark, just pull the trigger instantly and the bubble gun will fire tons of bubbles.


18. Baby Splash Pool


baby splash pool


This baby splash pad and pool has a removable/adjustable canopy that features a multi-position plastic hinge, allowing for a 120-degree range and UPF 50 sun protection. Take it to the beach, or just out in your backyard for a day of fun. The built-in backrest and extra-wide design provide comfort and stability for your little one. It also comes with three play rings with a stacking tower to help build your child’s dexterity.


19. Bubble Lawn Mower


outdoor-toys-for-1-year-old bubble lawn mower


This super lightweight and powerful electric lawnmower can produce realistic sounds and make more than 2000+ bubbles per minute automatically. Encourage your kids to do outdoor activities and help you “mow” the lawn. Creating more laughter with colorful bubbles, perfect for kids’ outdoor play.


20. Reusable Water Balloons


outdoor-toys-for-1-year-old reusable water balloons


These water balloons are designed with an innovative magnetic self-sealing design that quickly fills and seals. Just open in water, and the balloon fills and seals itself all on its own! This only takes a few seconds then you can throw it directly. Great to enjoy the happy summertime.


Things That Go

21. Ride On Tractor


outdoor-toys-for-1-year-old ride on tractor


The John Deere Ride-On Tractor is a perfect first ride, it’s just like the real thing only smaller. This kid-powered foot-to-floor tractor puts kids in control of the motion and provides them with plenty of fun and exercise. The lightweight and stable riding design makes it easy for toddlers to maneuver.


22. Toddler Scooter


Toddler Scooter


This scooter is designed to easily convert from a ride-on to a scooter in one quick step without using tools! The sturdy frame and 4 wheels allow beginners to safely build confidence and balance while riding. The adjustable seats and handle provide a comfortable ride in each riding mode.


23. Wiggle Ride On Toy


outdoor-toys-for-1-year-old wiggle ride on toy


The ride-on wiggle car is a great way to keep kids active and will surely become a favorite method of transportation! Simply twist the steering wheel, wiggle, and go. This ride-on toy is safe, easy to operate, and doesn’t require gears, pedals, or batteries for a smooth, quiet, and fun activity for your child.


24. Balance Bike


balance bike


This balance bike is a small ride-on bike without any pedals so that your child propels themselves forward by using their legs and using the handlebars to change direction. The balance bike is designed to be lightweight so it can be easily operated by your toddler. The balance bike for toddlers helps to develop their motor skills and gives toddlers a sense of independence. This balance bike will surely be a favorite mobile toy for your 1-year-old!


25. Toddler Wagon


Toddler Wagon


This wagon is sturdy and durable and features a cotton rope handle that easily tucks inside for convenient, safe storage. With chunky tires and a low-set bed, it is the perfect size for little ones to haul around their most prized possessions, both indoors and outside.


26. Walker/Scooter




Designed to grow with your little one for three stages of fun. This ride-on toy offers an entertaining way to encourage motor skills development and balance and coordination at playtime. Stage one, designed for early walkers, motivates little ones to push and pull in wagon mode—a great spot for favorite toys, too. At stage two, the wagon’s storage tub converts to a seat for ride-on mode. Your little one will love pressing the button at the front for a headlight, melodies, and some fun sound effects as they whiz along.


Sports Play 

27. Foam Sports Balls


outdoor-toys-for-1-year-old foam sports balls


Playfully introduce your kids to sports with these balls for toddlers. Endless fun for the whole family indoors or outdoors. The toddler play balls for kids are made of foam to ensure safety and train grip strength.


28. Kids Basketball


kids basketball


The Little Tikes easy score basketball set introduces kids of all abilities to the game of basketball and competitive play. The basketball hoop can be adjusted to six settings to accommodate even the littlest hoop star. The oversized rim and kid-size basketball ensure easy scoring and help kids develop hand-eye coordination while providing the right challenge level.


29. Bean Bag Toss


bean bag toss


Specially designed for children, there are 2 game modes that you can choose. The two sides can switch back and forth to different game modes.


30. Stomp Rockets


outdoor-toys-for-1-year-old stomp rocket


Kids are independently entertained for hours with Stomp Rockets. Stomp Rockets are designed for the most active stompers. The rocket launcher base is sturdy and durable allowing for hours of play! Stomp and launch rockets up to 200 ft in the air! Perfect for the park or backyard play.


31. Kids Golf


kids golf


Enjoy your time outside with this golf set! Toy golf promotes not only toddlers’ physical development such as upper limb muscles, joints, and ligaments but also spatial awareness and reasoning.



32. Adventure Climber


outdoor-toys-for-1-year-old Adventure climber


This kid’s playset climber with hand and foot grips and a slide is great for adventurous toddlers and children. Build physical, cognitive, creative, and social skills by improving overall happiness through active play. Slide, and climb, for some outdoor fun!


33. 5 in 1 Climber


outdoor-toys-for-1-year-old 5 in 1 climber


This 5-in-1 climber includes a climbing ladder, a rock climbing wall, and an arch climber with different crawl-through spaces. Improve physical fitness and balance by practicing climbing, exercising hand-foot coordination, and enhance family relationships.


34. Pop Up Tent And Tunnel


Pop up tent and tunnel


Watch your children have hours of fun with this cheerful tent/tunnel! Just let it pop up and your little one will love to make memories with this tent. So many different uses for hours of creative play.


35. Toddler Climber


toddler climber


Kids can flex their skills as they climb, slide, and crawl through the toddler climbing toys. Climb the stairs to the platform and go down the kid slide! Fill the play ball pit basin with sand or water for an added level of sensory play!


36. Fort Building Kit


For building kit


Enjoy watching your kids play for hours while they build their favorite structures outdoors. This STEM learning fort-building kit helps children develop their fine motor skills and cognitive skills while encouraging creativity and confidence.


37. Activity Tunnel


activity tunnel


Explore and grow with this activity tunnel. Crawl through the tunnel and play peekaboo through the side windows. The activity center features two ball drop towers where kids can drop colorful balls and delight in where they roll! The tunnel even plays silly sounds and music. The durable, flexible fabric tunnel can be moved in different ways, and it collapses for easy storage.


38. Sports Climber


Sports Climber


Slide, dunk, and bat! There are so many ways to play with this engaging sports climber. Your little slugger will hit home runs, slide into home base, and make epic dunks during playtime with these climbing toys specifically designed for little ones. When playtime fun is done, use the built-in storage to snap the basketball and t-ball set into the toddler jungle gym’s outer wall, keeping everything close for the next game day.


Additional Toys For Fun

39. Sidewalk Chalk


outdoor-toys-for-1-year-old sidewalk chalk


Sidewalk chalk will encourage your children to get outside and play by giving them the opportunity to bring all kinds of creativity outside. The chalk can be washed on any surface so you don’t have to worry about permanent messes. This colorful chalk set is a wonderful selection for kids who love creating eye-catching art and drawing.


40. Toddler Blocks


Toddler Blocks


These big and vibrant building blocks are the perfect toy for your toddler’s little hands and big imagination. You’ll love that these big blocks fit and come apart with ease, helping to develop their fine motor and thinking skills as they stack.


41. Camping Gear


outdoor-toys-for-1-year-old Camping Gear


This camping pretend play set is the best outdoor toy for your little campers who love to have adventures! It includes all the necessary tools for campers and their pretend play. This set is sure to keep your little ones busy and entertained for hours of exploring nature fun!


42. Toddler Picnic Table


Picnic table


Little Tikes picnic table is just the right size for toddlers. This picnic table is perfect for picnics in the great outdoors. Your kids can pack a sandwich or have a full meal with play food. It has a stylish umbrella with UV protection for shade during outdoor playtime.


43. Sandbox Trucks


outdoor-toys-for-1-year-old sandbox trucks


These trucks feature a dump truck with a working dump bed and a tractor with a working front loader. Watch as your kids’ imagination grows during pretend play as they create different ways to play with this dump truck and toy tractor combo, perfect for the sandbox.


44. Pop Up Play Pen


Pop up play pen


This playpen features a one-piece, pop-up design to make it a breeze to set up and fold down. The generous play space inside offers ample space for your child to move around, explore, and play with their favorite toys. From imaginative play to learning moments, there’s ample room for it all.


45. Bug Catcher Kit


outdoor-toys-for-1-year-old Bug Catcher kit


This bug catcher kit encourages scientific exploration and a love of nature. Your child can create an entire critter collection by catching their favorite bugs with a pair of tiny hands-friendly tweezers. Your toddler can then inspect them with a magnifying glass or through a bug container before releasing them back into the wild of your backyard.


46. Stacking Rock Blocks


Stacking Rock Blocks


These lightweight stacking blocks are the perfect size for little hands making these the ultimate stacking toys for toddlers. This educational toy has unique angled shapes of the stacking rocks to promote the development of building and balancing skills, fine motor skills, and hand-eye coordination. Plus, they encourage creative problem-solving and imaginative play. These rocks were specifically designed with your little one in mind, so they are large enough to not be choking hazards.


47. Magnetic Drawing Board


Magnetic Drawing Board


This magnetic writing board has four vivid color zones. The magnetic drawing pad is a mess-free and environmentally-friendly way to feed the kid’s desire to doodle and scribble. The erase knob is very easy and smooth to slide for kids. The magnetic drawing pad can also be made into a table.


48. Toddler Portable Chair


Toddler camp Chair


Give your little one a comfy place to eat with the whole family and get relaxed with this comfortable seat anywhere. This baby seat features a convenient fold design, great to take on the go. The fabric is machine washable, and the tray is dishwasher safe.


49. Pop Up Tent


pop up tent


This toddler pop-up play tent provides a large private space for kids to play freely. The portable zipper bag is small in size and is also light, so you can easily take it anywhere. This play tent also would make a great ball pit, and it even comes with star lights!


50. Jumbo Blocks


Jumbo Blocks


These jumbo rocks are for your young kids who are just starting to explore their creativity by putting things together. These oversized and interlocking blocks have soft rounded corners. You and your little one can have endless play possibilities, and at the same time ensure the development of gross motor skills.


51. Water Doodle Mat


water doodle mat


This giant water painting pad allows your child to paint with all their friends! It’s a great way to exercise hand-eye coordination and color perception, develop painting and creative skills, as well as developing fine motor skills.


Making Memories

The beauty of outdoor play with these outdoor toys is not just about the gadgets themselves but the memories you create with your little one.


The laughter, the new experiences, and the shared moments are invaluable with these fun outdoor activities.


Whether it’s the first time they conquer the small slide or the joy on their face as they splash around in the water table, these are the precious moments that make parenthood extraordinary.


So, grab these great outdoor toys for 1-year-olds, head outside, and let the adventure begin!


Your one-year-old is bound to have a blast while enhancing their developmental skills in the most enjoyable way possible with these fun and educational toys.


Happy playing!


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Outdoor Toys for 1-Year-Olds

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