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Pregnancy Must-Haves: Essential Guide for 2024

pregnancy must haves

Pregnancy Must-Haves: Your Essential Guide


Pregnancy is a magical journey filled with excitement, anticipation, and a whole lot of changes, which is why we are always on the look out for the best pregnancy must-haves.


Whether it’s your first pregnancy or you’re a seasoned pro, you know that this incredible chapter of your life deserves to be as comfortable and stress-free as possible.


That’s where the concept of “pregnancy must-haves” comes into play – those essential items that can make your nine-month adventure a whole lot smoother.


In this blog post, we’re going to delve into the world of pregnancy essentials.


Whether you’re dealing with morning sickness, preparing for your baby’s arrival, or simply looking for ways to pamper yourself during this unique time, we’ve gathered a curated list of must-haves that will ease your journey into motherhood.


Let’s face it, pregnancy comes with its challenges, but it’s also a time for joy and anticipation.


So, without further ado, let’s explore these pregnancy must-haves products that will not only make your pregnancy more comfortable but also ensure you’re well-prepared for the beautiful adventure that lies ahead.


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This post contains affiliate links, which means I may receive a small commission at no cost to you, if you make a purchase through a link.


1. Pregnancy Journal


pregnancy journal


Capture every precious moment of your pregnancy before baby arrives, with this pregnancy journal. This guided pregnancy journal keepsake includes 68 pages to highlight every moment from the big news to baby’s arrival with space for pregnancy photos spread throughout. Pages in this pregnancy journal includes prompts to write about finding out the news, spreading the news, how mom is feeling, thoughts for your growing baby, mom’s first doctors visit, doctor recommendations, the first sonogram, nutrition, exercise goals, a name page and a page for each month from one to nine.


2. What To Expect When You’re Expecting by Heidi Murkoff


"what to expect when youre expecting" book


What To Expect When You’re Expecting is the #1 go-to pregnancy book. Out of all the pregnancy must-haves, this is a great way to make sure all expectant parents are educated. Your pregnancy explained and your pregnant body demystified, head to feet, back to front. Filled with information, practical advice, realistic insight, easy-to-use tips, and lots of reassurance. You’ll also find the very latest on prenatal screenings, which medications are safe, and the most current birthing options—from water birth to gentle c-sections. Your pregnancy lifestyle gets equal attention, too: eating (including food trends) to coffee drinking, working out to sex, travel to beauty, skin care, and more. Have pregnancy symptoms? You will—and you’ll find solutions for them all. Expecting multiples? There’s a chapter for you. Expecting to become a dad? This book has you covered, too.


3. Bumpin’: The Modern Guide To Pregnancy by Leslie Schrock


Bumpin' book


Feeling overwhelmed? Confused by conflicting advice? Bumpin’ will transform your pregnancy journey to one of confidence and optimism. Based on the latest clinical evidence and practical advice from top experts, Bumpin’ enables you to make the best decisions for your unique family. With a look at the science, it tackles all sorts of pregnancy questions and topics like the truth about cleaning up your cosmetics, nutrition, epidurals, and activity; and the practical, like putting together a baby budget and navigating work. Bumpin’ also takes you all the way through the postpartum period because taking your baby home and recovering brings unexpected physical, mental, and life changes that are too often overlooked for you and your partner.


4. The Mama Natural Week-By-Week Guide To Pregnancy and Childbirth by Genevieve Howland 


guide to pregnancy and childbirth


Wanting to take a more natural approach to pregnancy and childbirth? The Mama Natural Week-by-Week Guide to Pregnancy & Childbirth is the modern (and yet ancient) approach to pregnancy and childbirth. “Natural” recognizes that pregnancy and birth are normal, and that having a baby is a wondrous biological process and rite of passage–not a medical condition. This book draws upon the latest research showing how beneficial and life-changing natural birth is for both babies and expectant mothers.


5. Real Food for Pregnancy by Lily Nichols


"real food for pregnancy" book


Prenatal nutrition can be confusing. A lot of the advice you have been given about what to eat (or what not to eat) is well-meaning, but frankly, outdated or not evidenced-based. In Real Food for Pregnancy, you will get clear answers on what to eat and why, with research to back up every recommendation. This book takes a long and hard look at the science and explains the wide gap between current prenatal nutrition recommendations and what foods are required for optimal health in pregnancy and for your baby’s development. This is a great resource on prenatal nutrition.


6. Daily Prenatal Vitamins




Delivering the highest-quality ingredients available in forms that your body prefers and can easily use, you get more of the nutrients you want from these prenatals, available to you in four all-natural yummy flavors. These prenatal vitamins gummies are non-GMO, gluten free, and free of milk, eggs, shellfish, soy, peanuts, wheat, fish allergens, and tree nut allergens. Perfectly safe for you and your baby and contains the important things for your baby like folic acid.


7. Vacuum Insulated Water Bottle


vacuum insulated water bottle


Drinking plenty of water is important when you are pregnant. Make sure you always have water on hand with this stainless steel, vacuum insulated water bottle. This tumbler is perfect for carrying around with you wherever you go! Holding 30 oz of your beverage, just fill it up and get on with your day. The flip straw stays clean and allows effortless sipping and the rotating handle lets you quickly grab and go. It is also dishwasher safe and fits comfortably in cupholders.


8. Anti-Nausea Band


anti nausea band


Cleared by the FDA, this anti-nausea wristband is the natural wearable solution for nausea and vomiting with no use of drugs, gel, or side effects. It offers relief for nausea, retching, and vomiting due to morning sickness associated with pregnancy. There are five levels of intensity where you can choose the appropriate one. Great for that dreaded first trimester!


9. Morning Sickness Tea


morning sickness tea


Say no to morning sickness with this morning sickness tea, containing two organic ingredients: ginger and rooibos leaves. Hand-crafted by certified herbalists, this tea with herbs supports a healthy digestion-without GMOs, gluten, soy, or dairy. For the best morning sickness support, use this as part of your prenatal ritual for gut health balance.


10. Morning Sickness Drops


morning sickness candy


When you’re struggling with morning sickness in your first trimester, you need to find a remedy fast. These candies are the best quick-fix to have at your fingertips. Preggie Pops are made with essential oils and plant botanicals, so everything is safe for both you and your baby. But who says relief has to taste boring? These drops taste like candy and add a little sweetness for when you need it.


11. Antacid Heartburn Relief


heartburn relief


This antacid is real medicine that fights heartburn, acid indigestion and a sour belly with the same effective, active ingredient as many of the leading brands, but free from talc, dyes, artificial sweeteners, parabens and genetically modified ingredients. All expectant moms should try this product for relief.


12. Pregnancy Pillow


pregnancy pillow


This jumbo full body pillow is designed to replace the need for multiple pillows by embracing your body while providing support all around. It helps support your back, hips, knees, neck, and head to help ease discomfort associated with pregnancy, sciatica, fibromyalgia, gastric reflux, and more. A for sure pregnancy pillow must-have.


13. Pregnancy Pillow Wedge


pregnancy pillow wedge


Get comfortable with a pregnancy wedge pillow. This small pillow provides belly support for sleeping, back support for sitting, or use between your knees or legs for comfort. You decide the comfort level, the pregnancy wedge pillow has one side that is firm while the other is soft. Easy to take around with you and is machine washable.


14. Pregnancy Skincare Set


pregnancy skincare


This skincare set features rinse-off moisturizer with water-activated hydration, gel for stretch marks and perineal massages, hydrating relief for rubbing and chafing, instantly cool and relieve swelling. Get ready for pregnancy and childbirth with this pregnancy must-have.


15. Pregnancy Skincare Kit


pregnancy skincare set


Help improve the appearance of scars and prevent stretch marks during and after your pregnancy with this maternity skincare kit featuring a collection of pregnancy essentials from Palmer’s such as Stretch Marks Lotion, Stretch Marks Cream, Tummy Butter Balm and Skin Therapy Body Oil for Stretch Marks


16. Belly Butter


belly butter


Pamper yourself with this lotion that softens and smooths skin with a blend of naturally hydrating cocoa shea and jojoba butters. This fragrance free belly butter gently and safely moisturizes as your belly grows and skin stretches during pregnancy. Help your skin recover after pregnancy with this 99% natural belly butter that provides relief and comfort to stretched skin.


17. Stretch Mark Skincare Oil


stretch mark oil


Skincare oil is a uniquely formulated, non-greasy body oil that hydrates skin and helps retain essential moisture. Dermatologist recommended and clinically proven for scars, stretch marks, uneven skin tone and so much more. Helps soften skin for all types, tones, textures and safe for use on face and body and won’t clog pores.


18. Belly Band


belly band


This pregnancy must-have support belt helps alleviate lower back pain due to pregnancy by supporting the lumbar and abdominal regions. Give yourself some bump support and help support the lower back by redistributing pressure more evenly on the surface area. This supportive belly band helps relief from hip, pelvic and joint pain, while further minimizing spinal strain.


19. Belly Band Tape


belly band tape


With this belly band tape, you can customize your muscle support by adding tape where you’re most sore, from head to toe. This belly support band neutral tape can easily hide under your clothes vs other bright belly band tape or bulk belly bands. It sticks through 3-day wear, even in the shower!


20. Sitz Bath Soak


sitz bath soak


This sitz bath soak is loved by thousands of new moms. The pure and luscious relaxing aroma helps cleanse and relaxes the mind. Formulated with nutrient rich plant-based oils – organic coconut oil, organic sweet almond oil, therapeutic lavender & grapefruit essential oils deeply hydrate and moisturize, promoting soothing relief. You can take a relaxing bath to soothe your body with these bath salts, as well as help your body’s healing process postpartum.


21. Nursing Pads


nursing pads


Leakage is a thing of the past with these 4-layer nursing pads. Nursing pads feature three layers of ultra-absorbent viscose from organic bamboo, sealed with a protective waterproof outer layer for extra security on the nipple pads. Wear your daily outfits with ease and confidence. These nursing pads blend seamlessly with your nursing bras.


22. Dr. Scholls Slip-On Supportive Shoes


slip-on shoes


These shoes are perfect for when you are pregnant. They feature soft and lightweight cushioning, built-in arch support, and a heel cup. There is also a padded collar and twin stretch gore panels for easy slip-on! Great for when you can’t bend over anymore! It is so good to have supportive shoes while pregnant.


23. Slide On Shoes


slide on shoes


A rounded toe design and flex & fold supports healthy feet with its unique shape giving complete freedom of movement. These Hey Dude shoes will be an instant favorite in your modern-casual collection and are the perfect women’s shoes. Manufactured using an elastic material that allows them to flex with the foot, resulting in a shoe that fits more uniformly. Each shoe weighs under 5 ounces making it one of the lightest and comfiest pairs of shoes around.


24. Compression socks


compression socks


These compression socks have been carefully designed and manufactured to provide support, comfort, and relief from swollen feet without compromising your mobility. Benefits of wearing compression socks are improved blood flow, stimulated blood flow, features circulation support to fight swelling and fatigue, stimulates oxygen delivery to muscles, and prevents lactic acid production and cramping, which makes these compression socks a great aid for pregnant women.


25. Bra Extender


bra extender


These bra extenders comfortably increase the band range of your bras. They especially can be used for pregnancy, with maternity clothes and weight gain. Just attach the hooks on the underside of the bra extenders to your bra hook loops, then use the hooks on your bra to attach to the hook loops on the front side of the extender.


26. Maternity Nursing Bra


maternity nursing bra


Molded from an incredibly smooth and luxurious feeling soft fabric, this bra is the natural choice for nursing and pregnant moms alike. Made without painful underwire and awkward seam lines, this bra offers extra support and feels like you’re not wearing anything. The nursing bra allows you to drop down the cup making breastfeeding access easy.


27. Maternity Comfort Bralette


maternity comfort bralette


Look no further for your nursing or sleep bra with these bra sets. Perfect for everyday wear, all day. Wide top straps, mean less digging into your shoulders. The wire free design is great for a growing chest. The bra is padless – so you can utilize your own, preferred, pad types. The nylon spandex fabrication is a 4-way knitted design. Which means these bralettes will move and and stretch with your body. Wear them long after nursing to give you moderate support throughout the day.


28. Maternity Underwear


maternity underwear


Made of soft and stretchy cotton fabric, this maternity underwear accommodates your growing bump effortlessly and fits through the entire pregnancy. You can wear these maternity undies with confidence knowing that the intimate wear is free of harsh substances and skin friendly. The super low-rise waistline easily sits below the c-incision scar, making postpartum recovery easier. The gusset lining comes in light colors for easy detection of unusual discharges. 100% heavy weight cotton keeps you dry all the time.


29. Maternity Pajama Set


maternity pajamas


Made from super soft and comfy fabric, this pajama set is breathable and easy on the skin. High stretchy fabric, elastic side-ruched, provide enough space for growing belly. The pajama bottoms have a soft, stretchy waistband which won’t cut into the belly or irritate a C-section incision. These pajamas feature an elastic waistband with elastic button extenders for easy transition from your pre pregnancy clothes to motherhood. They also come with practical nursing thanks to easy open function and the layered design, which make this pajama set allow for discreet and comfortable nursing.


30. Maternity Sleepwear Set


maternity sleapwear


Whether you are a pregnant woman, breastfeeding your baby, or looking for sleep wear/hospital wear, this comfortable pajama set is for you! They feature highly stretchy fabric, a pleat in front, elastic side-ruched, and provide enough space for growing belly. The full length maternity shorts feature the perfect elastic waistband, which can be adjusted for your best fit. There also is a unique side open layer design for easy and discreet nursing.


31. Comfy Slippers


comfy slippers


These warm and fluffy scuff style slippers will make you feel like you are stepping on clouds. The thick memory foam cushion adds support and comfort for all day wear. And, the textured bottom grips to the floor preventing you from sliding or slipping. Do your slippers get dirty quickly? No problem. Simply throw these slippers in the washer to clean, and they will look as good as new!


32. Maternity Joggers


pregnancy must haves maternity joggers


You’ll reach for these versatile maternity lounge pants over and over, whether you’re expecting your first baby or chasing a toddler at the park. Plus, they’re so comfortable, you won’t want to take them off! These fashionable maternity pants feature ultra soft material, pockets, and an adjustable drawstring waistband with just the right amount of stretch for a comfortable fit under your bump during pregnancy or at the waist during postpartum.


33. Maternity Clothes Tops


pregnancy must haves maternity tops


Who says maternity clothing cant be cute as well as functional? This pregnancy short sleeve maternity top  is easy to match with your jeans, pants and leggings. It’s such a comfy and beautiful look! A classic maternity top with an empire waistline for a more noticeable baby bump in a cute way, also allowing enough flow to not cling to your  belly and plenty of room to grow. These maternity tops can be worn during and even after pregnancy.


34. Maternity Leggings


pregnancy must haves maternity leggings


Many expectant moms know that leggings are essential and are a pregnancy must-have! They are comfortable and made to last throughout all stages of pregnancy and long after. The leggings feature a waistband that can be pulled over your bump or be folded down below. Lounging at home or out and about, these ultra-comfortable maternity leggings will be your go-to.


35. Maternity Jeans


pregnancy must haves maternity jeans


These Levi Strauss & Co. jeans adds style to any wardrobe. Created with soft, comfortable denim, these jeans hug through the hip and thigh and boast a skinny leg opening. A baby bump panel is added to provide comfort for women in their first and second trimester, as is the cooling technology in the waistband. These maternity jeans make a great addition to your wardrobe.


36. Maternity Romper


maternity romper


This romper is perfect for pregnancy and postpartum! The stylish design is made out of soft cotton and features adjustable straps, boyfriend style oversized legs, a square neck, and pockets. This romper can pair easily with a t-shirt, blouse, sneakers, sandals, etc and is perfect for daily use, leisure wear, into the office, or going out on the town!


37. Maternity Dress


pregnancy must-haves maternity dress


This maternity dress with a long sleeve style makes the baby bump more noticeable in a cute way while allowing enough flow to not cling to belly and plenty of room to grow. Simply go for casual and formal, dressed it up with heals or dressed down as daily clothes with sneakers! Perfect for any occasions such as wedding, party, or friends or family gathering.



The journey of pregnancy is a remarkable and transformative experience. It’s a time when mothers-to-be deserve all the support, comfort, and convenience they can get.


We’ve explored a wide range of pregnancy must-haves in this article, from a few essential items that aid in prenatal health to the delightful treats that bring joy to your pregnancy days.


As an expectant mom, your well-being and peace of mind are top priorities, and these must-have products are designed to make your pregnancy journey smoother, more enjoyable, and memorable.


So, whether you’re preparing for your own journey into motherhood or looking for the perfect gift for an expecting friend, these pregnancy must-haves that we’ve covered here are sure to make this extraordinary time even more special.


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Pregnancy Must-Haves: Your Essential Guide


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