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Color Mix-Up

Shaving foam activities

Color Mix-Up is such a fun shaving foam activity and is one of my go-to’s.


It is quick and easy and can fully capture your child’s undivided attention! My son loves to play with the shaving foam and squish the colors together!


This fun and educational color shaving foam sensory activity is perfect for young children and provides them with a unique way to learn about colors!


As they use the shaving foam to explore, they will be able to explore its texture and smell, while also learning the names of different colors.


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We’ll explain everything you need to know in order to get started with this fun activity!


Activity Materials

For this activity, you will need:

  • A gallon-size storage bag
  • Shaving foam
  • Washable paint
  • Duct tape (optional)

Activity Materials


How To Color Mix-Up!

Shaving Foam Activities Spray shaving foam in bag

Start by spraying some shaving foam into a storage bag.


Add paint to bag

Pour some paint into the bag. I like to have my child choose two different colors so we can explore and create a new color! You can duct tape the opening to ensure that the bag won’t open and leak.


Shaving Foam Activities Mix

Now its time to play! Have your child squish and mix the shaving foam and paint together.


 Make new color in bag

See what new color you make!


Draw in colored shaving foam

You can use your finger and draw letters, numbers, or pictures!


Additional Way To Enhance Play

 Squish shaving foam with hands

Squeeze out your colored shaving foam onto the table or tray. Let your child play around with their hands and fingers and feel the texture of the shaving foam.


Play with shaving foam on table


This is a great way to fully engage in sensory play! The kids love to run their fingers through the soft and smooth shaving foam.


Like above, you can smear the shaving foam around and use your finger to draw different letters or pictures!


This activity can be very messy! Make sure to be supervising your child to ensure no shaving foam/paint mixture is ingested (shaving cream and washable paint can be toxic if ingested in large amounts).



This shaving foam activity is a fun and educational experience that allows your kids to explore their senses in a creative way.


Not only do they get to express themselves with colors, but also learn about how different textures and smells affect our senses.


It is an enjoyable hands-on activity that gives them the opportunity to explore new concepts and use their imaginations.


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Color Mix-Up Shaving Foam Activity

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