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A Wild One Birthday Party

Wild One Birthday

Are you wanting to have a “Wild One” birthday theme for your baby’s first birthday? 


This theme is perfect for your adventurous little one and will make for a memorable first birthday party.


In this blog post, I’ll share some tips and ideas to help you throw the perfect “Wild One” theme first birthday party!


My baby just turned one and I couldn’t believe it! Where had the time gone? 


Now I knew my son didn’t particularly care about having a birthday party quite yet, but I totally wanted to celebrate this huge moment! 


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My husband and I often joke that our son is like a bear; he is a chunky little dude, he grunts a lot, and he has giant baby hands that look like bear paws when he crawls. 


So naturally, doing some kind of a woodsy theme seemed just right. 


I’m all for a pun, and so when I came across the “Wild One” theme, I knew it was perfect! 


I began to scour the internet for ideas, and got to work! 


I made a few decorations, found some fun things off Amazon, and I was ready to party!


Here is how I threw my son a Wild One Birthday!


Wild One Birthday



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Send out the invitations

Sending out invitations is the first step to any party, and it’s a great time to announce your theme.


There are plenty of “Wild One” themed invitations available online, or you can choose to make your own. 


I found mine off of Zazzle and printed the invites through Walmart.

Wild One Birthday Invitations


Use animal print patterns or incorporate forest-inspired colors, like green and brown. 


Don’t forget to include all the important details, such as the date, time, and location of the party!


Set the scene with decorations

Transform your space into a forest with decorations inspired by the great outdoors. 


Think greenery and wood to create a nature-inspired feel. 


A DIY balloon garland can also add a pop of color and whimsy to your party. 


Hanging a “Wild One” banner is another great decoration idea. 


Add some animal toys around the room to complete the theme!


My son had several forest animal stuffies that we used to decorate! 


Etsy had this cute National Parks template that I used to make a sign for welcoming guests to the party!

Wild One Birthday National Park Sign


I used cardboard to cut out the signs and then painted them so that they would resemble trail signs.

Wild One Birthday Trail Signs


I made this cute little banner out of paper and yarn to hang on my son’s highchair.

Wild One Birthday High Chair Banner


And of course, I had to display my son’s monthly milestones pictures! 


It is so fun to see them all side by side and to see how much he has changed!

Wild One Birthday Monthly Milestone Pictures


Here are some other decoration ideas I found:

Woodland Decorations

 Woodland Decorations


One Banner

 One Banner


Wooden Animals (Varying Sizes)
 Wooden Animals


Wild One Balloons 
Wild One Balloons


Wooden Happy Birthday Banner
Wooden Happy Birthday Banner


Balloon Kit
 Balloon Kit


Animal Figurines
 Animal Figurines


Party Signs

Party Signs



Serve Up Some Wildly Delicious Food

When it comes to food, you can really get creative with the “Wild One” theme. 


Serve up some classic forest-inspired foods such as berries, trail mix, and meat kabobs.


My husband barbecued several different types of meat to serve for our guests. We paired that with chips, salad, watermelon, and coleslaw.


We opted to serve a full meal for the party, but there are so many cute little snacks and treats you can make and serve: 

  • Have a bowl of plain potato chips and label them as “Wood Chips”
  • Make an array of berries and label them as “Forest Berries”
  • Pretzel Sticks could be labeled as “Twigs”
  • Put large marshmallows on skewers, dip them in chocolate, and roll in graham cracker crumbles for “S’mores on a Stick” 
  • Using corn syrup, attach a mini golden Oreo to the base of a chocolate kiss. On top of the golden Oreo, use corn syrup to attach a mini chocolate chip to make “Acorns”
  • Dip pretzel rods in white chocolate and then drizzle milk chocolate over them to make “Birch Sticks”
  • A side of carrots can be “Rabbit Food”
  • A bowl of Milk Duds can be “Deer Droppings”
  • Unpackage and display Swiss Rolls to make “Fire Logs”
  • You can also have out several nuts, m&ms, and raisins to “Make Your Own Trail Mix”


I opted to make a naked cake for my son’s smash cake and made a simple little cake topper to put on top.

Wild One Birthday Smash Cake


Here are the paper products and utensils I used:

Wooden Cutlery Set
Wild One Birthday Wooden Cutlery Set


Wood Grain Paper Plates
Wild One Birthday Wood Grain Paper Plates




Cupcake/Food Stand
Cupcake Stand


Wild One Cake Topper

Cake Topper



Be sure to plan some fun and creative activities that will let the kids unleash their wild side! 


Set up a craft table where kids can make their own animal masks or nature-inspired headbands.  


You could also create a “wild” scavenger hunt or set up an animal-themed obstacle course in your backyard. 


Rock climbing, boulder hopping, and tight-rope walking activities could also be enjoyable for kids of all ages.


A photo booth with animal props is another fun idea. 


You can also set up a sensory table, filled with natural materials like sand, leaves, and pinecones. 


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Here are some resources for activities:

Bean Bag Toss
 Bean Bag Toss


Photo Booth Props
 Photo Booth Props


Make A Woodland Animal Sticker
 Woodland Animal Sticker


Coloring Book
Coloring Book







Party Favors

To thank your guests for coming to the celebration, send them home with party favors that fit the theme. 


Some ideas include animal-shaped cookies, wildflower seeds, or a mini animal plush toy. 


You can also create personalized “Wild One” themed favor bags filled with candy and little trinkets.


Here are some fun party favor ideas:

Party Favor Pack
Party Favor Pack


Party Favor Bags
Party Favor Bags


“Adopt an Animal” Mini Stuffies 
 Mini Stuffies


Spiral Notebooks
Spiral Notebooks


Activity Book
Activity Book


Mini Lanterns
Mini Lanterns


Animal Glasses

Animal Glasses



A “Wild One” birthday party is a fantastic way to celebrate your little one’s big milestone. 


With a little creativity, you can transform your space into a forest wonderland!


Hopefully, these tips will help you throw a successful “Wild One” themed first birthday party that the whole family will enjoy. 


Happy birthday to your little wild one!


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A Wild One Birthday Party

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